Competitive Boxing class

Competitive Boxing Class

This competitive boxing class is specifically aimed at all boxers, male and female, aged from 14 yrs. to seniors who are already competitive boxers, or those who have serious intentions of going on to compete when fully trained to do so. This is the main criteria in joining what is a competitive level class. If not already an active boxer, you will be expected to spar after 4 weeks. If you have not progressed sufficiently to reach this level, then you will be referred to a more suitable class.

Sessions include technique, bag work, sparring, pad work, skipping, circuits etc all under the watchful eyes of our experienced coaches.

Equipment such as boxing/bag gloves, head guards and groin protectors are available, for use but you will be encouraged to purchase your own if you are serious about the sport. All basic boxing equipment can be purchased from the club. Gum shields and hand wraps are a must have item of equipment for all competitive boxing members.

Suitable clothing for training, shorts or track suit bottoms, T shirt, boxing boots or flat soled trainers. Also a change of clothes, or at least a clean dry T-shirt for changing into after training.

Our coaches are all ex boxers, qualified England Boxing instructors and are DBS checked. They will push you hard and expect you to train hard and be dedicated. Boxing is a tough sport, and only the most dedicated, talented and determined will succeed.

Before becoming a registered amateur boxer you will be examined by an England Boxing registered doctor, and undergo a full medical to ensure your fitness and suitability to box. You will also be required to supply us with 2 current passport photos of yourself, and a copy of a passport/birth certificate or ID card to complete your registration.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday
5.30pm to 8pm (9pm Fridays)

Regular and punctual attendance is important if you wish to improve and progress