Frequently Asked Questions

Weigh-in and start times for Box Cup 2018

Weigh-in and start times for the event:-


Friday  22nd June  2018

Registration, medical & weigh-in between 8am and 12pm. All boxers must attend. Programme to be announced  at 2pm. Boxing to commence at 5pm.

Saturday  23rd June  2018

Medical  &  weigh-in  between 9am and 11am. Boxing to commence at 12pm. Weight allowance 500g.

Sunday  24th June  2018

Medical  &  weigh-in  between  9am  and  11am. Boxing to  commence at 12pm. Weight allowance 500g.


There will be 5 rings in operation on Friday. 4 rings on the Saturday & Sunday.

Please make sure that you have had the required number of bouts to enter. 2 for Youth & Females. 5 for Senior males.

What time is the weigh-in on the first day?

8am to 12pm.

What time does the boxing start on Friday.

 5pm if we have enough officials in place so please be ready.

Can a boxer move weight on the first day weigh-in ?


Is there a weight allowance?

Yes. None on the first day but 500g on Saturday and Sunday.

Will boxers who receive byes need to weigh in?

No, but all boxers regardless of how many in the group MUST weigh in on the Friday.

What happens if I haven’t sent in my boxer/coach ID photo

Failure to do so before the passes go to print will result in a lengthy wait on your arrival before gaining entry, and a £10 charge to have your passes printed on the day. So it is in your interest to do so. Please email your photos to keelan@jablinked.com. It’s very easy. You can do it from your phone. No sunglasses, hats or headguards please.

Can I pay on the door or in advance.

Yes you can pay on the door, either daily £15 or buy a 3 day pass on the first day (Friday) for £35. Also you can purchase tickets in advance online at alexandrapalace.com (slightly cheaper)