Nursery Boxing Classes

Saturdays 10am to 11.30am

These sessions are aimed at introducing all beginners, aged 6 to 11 yrs to the sport of boxing.

Everyone enters at a lower level to learn the basic skills and technique. Sessions include technique, bag work, sparring, skipping, circuits etc. A good level of dedication is needed for boxing and you will be worked hard in a fun environment to gain a level of fitness required to progress. Equipment is available for use but you will be encouraged to purchase your own if you are serious about the sport. All basic boxing equipment can be purchased from the club. Gum shields and hand wraps are a must have item of equipment for all. Nursery Class Boxing Members will not spar until the coach is confident that you have achieved the required standard to do so and have a suitable gum shield.

But you do need to come with desires to work hard, listen and learn. The coaches are all qualified England Boxing instructors and DBS checked. They will push you hard and expect everyone to try hard and be dedicated. Boxing is a tough sport, but the rewards and enjoyment are very vast in the way of confidence, fitness, self-defence and discipline.

You should come along with a clear view that you would like to compete if you reach the required standard. Be sure you want to give it your best.

Come along and give the sport a try!!!!